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Unexpected Friendship

Friendships take all shapes and sizes. This cross-species friendship entertains me very much.

To the best of our knowledge, Oscar the cat and Crosby the rabbit have both lived on the property for at least 6 months prior to us moving in. We've caught glimpses of them together, and suspected they were pals but not known for sure. We've seen cat carrying cases and an old rabbit hutch. I can only assume they were once pets, but eventually let loose to give living in mother nature a go.

Today I looked out the kitchen window at Oscar, and there was Crosby leaning against him in the middle of the driveway. It was luck that my dogs didn't get in on the action, and that I could find my good camera in time.

At first I shot out the upstairs window to ensure I got at least one good shot. From there, I crept out a side door through the chicken coop area to shoot through a pine tree - at least I thought I was moderately obscured. The two gave me the death stare, but seemed like they didn't care. I got within 10' before they split up and went about their separate routines.

With so much chaos, stress, sickness, greed, frustrations, war and hate in this world - sometimes it is nice to focus in on the small joys of living like two goofy outcast farm pets let loose that became best friends. In the wise words of Jim James (lead singer of My Morning Jacket), "Life is as sweet as you let it be".